Working with Mother Nature


Inner Space Services, Inc. is committed to bio-friendly and environmentally clean dredging operations. We have worked with the US Army, Super Fund projects, private companies and State and Local agencies, including Nassau County NY, to perform PCB, heavy metals, CFL’s, petroleum and other contaminated dredging cleanups.

Inner Space Services, Inc.’s owners and staff are 40 hour OSHA hazmat and confined space entry trained, among many other required certifications.

Our experience can help you indentify, analyze, design, dredge, treat and contain your project from start to material load out and disposal.


“... I have a sincere appreciation for professional construction companies that are dedicated to performing a traditional ”job well done.” Inner Space Services Inc. has recently completed a federal dredging project in Venice, FL. Since the natural conditions of our environment can best be described as shallow and sensitive, with an abundance of protected wildlife and aquatic birth present, it is extremely important to work sensitively within this enviroment.

ISSI was very aware and attentive to natural resource requirements for this project, as well as the myriad of documentation that must be successfully processed.

It is with utmost confidence that I recommend Inner Space Services Inc. for similar projects to the one described above.”

Sincerely, Charles Listowski (Executive Director)